The pen and ink addiction is real!


I am falling in love with handwriting again! Now that I’ve found fountain pens that feel good to write with I can’t stop. Now I have to get my handwriting to look as good as the pen and the ink! I’m on a quest!

This is the Lamy Al-Star in Charged Green (the special 2016 colour) and Waterman Mysterious Blue Ink. It’s the first bottle of ink I’ve ever owned. I’ll start posting more as I pursue my quest for pens, ink, and beautiful handwriting!


2 thoughts on “The pen and ink addiction is real!

  1. Good to hear that you are enjoying your fountain pen and ink! You have picked a great way to start, with the AL-star and a bottle of Watermans ink. It can be addictive and arguably, they are all you need! Having said that, it is fun trying other pens and inks and seeing where that takes you. Enjoy!

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