A Collection of Middle Grade Adventures

Gearing up for summer reading we’ve gathered an awesome selection of middle grade titles for the kids in your life. From Action and Adventure to Sci Fi, Fantasy, Baking, and every genre a kid could love, there’s a little something for every avid reader.

The Spyders: Slither Me Timbers by Vesta L. Giles

Book 1 of the Spyders Series

With adorable illustrations and interesting facts about spiders, Slither Me Timbers is a chapter book for kids who like adventure and the creatures in the garden!

After days stuck inside because of rain, Thaddeus, Gracey, and Curt Spyder are finally able to go outside and explore. When they reach the edge of the puddle, where they aren’t supposed to go, the temptation of a pirate adventure proves to be too much. A smooth sailing sea voyage soon turns dangerous and it will take teamwork, the help of a new friend, and using all of their spider skills to make it home safely by dinner.

Winner! Best Middle Grade Book (Self Pubby Awards, 2021)

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Amalie’s Perilous Journey by Jacqueline Vincent

The Bronze Age Series: Book 1

“I’ll get to the coast before those thieving boatmen,” Amalie says to Roble.

Amalie and Roble are alone. Amalie’s sole possessions are on their way to Os Pericos market. Roble, her loyal pony, is beside her throughout the journey to reclaim them. He takes her weight and protects her from harm.

After her family’s death, the new clan chief gives her two options: live with him and his many children, or leave!

She leaves. Her destination; The annual market in Os Pericos on the coast.

Her future: Arriving before the boatmen cheat her.

Is time against her? Can she trust the boatmen now mama and papa have died? And will wolves, thieves, or wild elements defeat her?

Ride with Amalie and Roble to find out. Check out the first two chapters of Amalie’s Journey for free!

Dragon’s Future by Kandi J Wyatt

Dragon Courage Series Book 1

Ever ridden a dragon? You’re about to, so hold on tight! Dragon’s Future is quite the ride!” ~Ridley Pearson, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Trapped in a boring life, Carryl longs for something different. With the death of a dragon rider, she realizes her dream of becoming a rider herself. But first she must save the despondent dragon’s life.

Ruskya has settled into his new role as a dragon rider. A sinister rider has attacked the colony. The fate of all that Ruskya holds dear lies in his hands.

Ruskya and Carryl step into leadership roles to defend the colony and their village. Now they battle dragons and their own insecurities. They’ll need the courage of a dragon to defeat their enemies or die tying.

Dragon’s Future is the fabulous first book in the coming of age fantasy series Dragon Courage. If you like enticing worlds, captivating stories, and a new twist on dragon lore, you’ll love Kandi J Wyatt’s fantastic series.

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Bake Believe by Cori Cooper

Bake Believe Trilogy Book 1

Baking is messy enough without adding Magic to the mix.
Cat Anderson has everything she could ever want. So what if her mom refuses to touch the oven? It’s just food. Who even cares? But food, it turns out, is a very big deal. Cat’s family has a secret too fantastic to stay hidden, too incredible to be real. Something happens when they bake, something that changes everything. Can it be true?

Or is it Bake Believe?

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The Munchkins by Candice Zee

Book 1 in the Munchkins series

“A dark, gripping, & suspenseful read!”-Belle’s Middle Grade

Capricorn Munch and her twelve siblings are found outside a children’s home, but no one knows who they are or where they came from, including themselves. At 10 years old they all stop aging and develop powers that give them incredible abilities, like healing wounds and manifesting objects. They strive to live a normal life with their loving adoptive father, hiding their powers, until a sociopathic neighbor moves in next door. As the dangerous neighbor encourages them to be reckless with their powers, the siblings realize he’s up to something more sinister and they need to find out what—before it’s too late.⁠

The Munchkins “has all the “ingredients” for a fantastical, magical, YA story that also caters to adults who absolutely love the Potter-esque world that happens maybe twice in a lifetime.” – Reader Views  

Gold Award Winner in Teen Category of the 2021-2022 Reader Views Literary Awards!

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The Dragon Slayer’s Son by Robinne Weiss

Dragon Defense Series Book 1

They said Dad was a dragon slayer. They were wrong.

When Nathan’s dad goes missing, presumed dead, Nathan is whisked away to the Alexandra School of Heroic Arts to train as his replacement. At school, he and his new friends soon learn:

Dragons are not the worst monsters out there.

And Nathan’s dad might not be dead … yet.

Nathan and his friends escape from school to find his dad. To succeed, they’ll need to seek the aid of the dragons and unravel an international ring of wildlife smugglers. If they fail, none of them will survive.

This action-packed novel, the first in the Dragon Defence League series, imagines dragons in modern day New Zealand. If you like adventure with a dose of fantasy, this is the book for you!

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The Pickpocket and the Thief by Susie Dinneen

There’s no place like home.
But how far would you go to find it?
Cairo hates living with the Mulch family, but she’s only eleven and has nowhere else to go. Forced into a life of stealing, she’s desperate to find her real parents and ask them why she was left in a trunk when she was a baby.

When she meets Mel, a petty thief, Cairo realizes that she might be able to discover the truth about her past. But as she gets closer to solving the puzzle, she learns that her choices come with a price – a price she might not be able to pay.

The Pickpocket and the Thief is a short story in the Stolen Treasures middle-grade series. If you like timeless adventures, brave heroines, lying auctioneers, tall tales and quirky humor, you’ll love this introduction to Susie Dinneen’s enchanting series.

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Wilds, Warnings & Little Wolves by C.J. Kavanaugh

A mysterious campground, a lost boy, and spooky werewolf legends. Enjoy this adventurous middle grade novella for ages 9-14. 

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The Little Wanderers: The Everlasting Seasons by L. K. Silver

Too small that they can fit into the palm of your hand, Snowy and Kokoro are two boys on a quest to find the village of everlasting happiness and its mysterious treasure. However, as if being tiny is not enough of a problem, the two have to face creatures with great magical powers. But what if Snowy and Kokoro fell upon a magic item that grants magic? Would that be enough for them to survive in a world much bigger than them? Find out in this enchanting middle-grade fantasy adventure, where danger and magic lurk behind every corner.

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Can Kyra control the mythical chimera or will it control her?

Kyra has lost her family. Her mother has been snatched by the rat people, and her estranged dad is too busy fighting them to help. The reluctant princess of Antiica, Kyra, 13, goes against her father’s wishes and sets out on a dangerous journey to rescue her mom. 

She meets Coyne, a teen who deserted the army, and rescues Mercy, an enslaved rat girl. The trio of unlikely companions must put aside their differences and brave the unknown reaches of a strange land. 

But Kyra’s life is changed completely when she’s forced to bond with the ancient Chimera, a magical creature that can read her mind and transport her across the land. Will Kyra learn how to control the chimera in time to save her mother? 

In the tradition of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass, The Chimera’s Apprentice transports the reader to a magical world of adventure.

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Atlas and the Multiverse by Chandon Simon


On Atlas’s first day of middle school in Boise, Idaho, a mysterious voice lures him and then appears to him, leaving him with a single clue: Find Dr. Faraday! With the help of his foster siblings Lilou and Nico, Atlas goes on a quest into the Multiverse to discover the truth about his father’s whereabouts. Their adventure takes them to countless new realms, where they encounter various characters — some friends and some foes — and through courage, overcome a series of challenges as they race to uncover the mysteries of family, friendship, and loyalty.

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The Heart of Bakers and Artists by Antoinette Truglio Martin

The first book in the Becoming America’s Stories series

It is 1911, and nine-year-old Lily, an American-born child of Sicilian immigrants loves to sing, and wants to, has to, prove to her bossy older sister Margaret that she’s not a little kid. But when she gets the chance to bake bread at Goldberg’s bakery,  Lily learns that it’s hard and sometimes dangerous to be a big kid in the crowded Lower East Side Little Italy neighborhood, where she must skirt around old world traditions, tackle bigotry, unrest, and disasters, and cross treacherous streets by herself.

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