20160208vesta-5-2Vesta Giles: Writer / Director

Vesta Giles is an author, a screenwriter, filmmaker, and a freelance writer from Kamloops, BC, Canada.

The Spyders: Slither Me Timbers, her first book, was just released in 2021 through her new publishing company, Vandelso Press. Slither Me Timbers is a chapter book about three spider siblings who are experts at having adventures and getting into, and out of trouble. In this book they set sail for a harrowing adventure on the high seas, aka a mud puddle in the garden. This is the first of many books in a series about these talented spiders, their parents, and their friends. The companion reading journal (Reading Journal: A book for humans and aventurous spiders) was released shortly after. Book 2 in the series is due in the Fall of 2021.

Vesta is also the owner of Vandelso Productions and her documentary, The Dirt Chix: Making Time is now available on Telus Optik and Youtube. Her first Movie of the Week, Daughter for Sale (Odyssey Media, Inc.), aired on the Lifetime Network in the US in 2017. It’s now available for rent on Amazon Prime.

In 2018 her short film, When I’m Dead, (parental guidance is suggested) was produced thanks to a grant from Telus STORYHIVE and an Indiegogo campaign. She was also a runner up for the Women in the Director’s Chair Short Works Award for her short film script, A Moment of Your Time. She was awarded another grant from Telus STORYHIVE – this time for a music video for the song Take Down These Walls which aired in May of 2019. Through her new production company, Vandelso Productions, Vesta is currently working on several other projects as well.

Vesta is an avid lover of fountain pens, inks, and paper, and enjoys listening to audiobooks, cross country skiing, biking, hiking, knitting, sewing and felting when she’s not writing. She does all of her writing by hand with a fountain pen before she transfers her projects to computer.

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