I schooled a guy on fit or fat… happy day!


This is a fit person… get over yourself!

Feeling a bit “pretty woman”-ish. I wasn’t going to post this publicly but I think I will.
I had just gotten back from a great run this morning (I was still sweaty) when I got this message from a guy I’ve never seen before on POF (Plenty of Fish… see Crazy Thing #14 ):
“So I just scanned through your profile and I have a question, your very fit but you say your a few extra pounds doesn’t fitness predicate that your not ” a few extra pounds” ?”
Note: I have my body type set as “A few extra pounds” on POF and in my profile it says I am very fit but not fast.
Taking the high road and ignoring the grammatical errors in his question, I responded thus:
“Hi, well.. I guess I should be grateful you scanned my profile.
The answer to your question is no… level of fitness and extra weight are not even close to being the same thing. I just got back from a 7K run this morning and I just checked and… yup… still have about 30 lbs to lose. If you look at large sporting events (ie a marathon or half marathon) you will see people of all shapes and sizes. They are all fit if they are able to train for and do that distance. I know plenty of ‘thin’ people who are horribly unfit and would collapse trying to run or do any physical activity for more than 5 minutes.
Today is my 869th day of consecutive exercise. Some days it’s weight training, in the winter it’s cross country skiing at least 5 days per week (600 kms this winter), indoor cycling, hiking, etc.
This year I will run one obstacle course race, two 10Ks, a half marathon, and a bunch of 5ks. That’s what I’ve planned so far. I also plan to do the Berg Lake Trail again (44kms, 500 m elevation over 4 of those kms) plus at least one other overnight backpack. I’m pretty sure I’m fit.
Thanks for asking, have a great day!”
If he contacts me again I’ll launch my Kinesiology Degree at him, and then I’ll sick the grammar police on him.
I continued happily along on my day with an extra skip in my step and a grin on my face!

post workout

6 thoughts on “I schooled a guy on fit or fat… happy day!

    • Hmm, I replied to your comment but it seems to have disappeared.

      This is from Merriam Webster:

      Full Definition of sic
      sicced also sicked play \ˈsikt\ siccing also sicking

      : chase, attack —usually used as a command especially to a dog

      : to incite or urge to an attack, pursuit, or harassment : set


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