50 Crazy Things in my 50th Year #50 – Turn 50 with a smile


heads up! this is what 50 looks like


My shadow turned 50 too!




50 Orange Tulips – my favourite flowers from some of my favourite friends

7:10 pm, February 24, 2016

I am officially 50.

A lot of people were asking me what #50 would be. I’ve known for a few months but I kept it pretty quiet. I think a lot of people were expecting something really crazy, like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. No such luck. The craziest thing I have done is turn 50 with a smile on my face. The whole reason for this crazy year was to not cower from a number or let it define me. Instead, I would redefine myself and hit the age of 50 head on and hard, holding nothing back. I’m pretty sure “50” never knew what hit it after this year.

I think I can pretty safely say I did that. I woke up this morning, 50, and smiled. I thought about the year, and the things I’ve accomplished up to now and I was proud. I have more to do, but now I’m saying yes to adventure more and I’m watching as my life gets bigger while before it was starting to get smaller.

I have a group of amazing people around me – people who lift each other up instead of cutting each other down. This is contagious. I feel lifted up and I lift those around me. I have tested my fears and, maybe not defeated, but I’ve acknowledged them and nudged them to make them smaller. I have done things that are heartfelt, frightening, sad, silly, impulsive, creative, and out of my norm. It’s been an excellent year.

The whole purpose, though, was to hit 50 with a grin on my face and a life that is expanding rather than contracting. I think I’ve accomplished this and more. In a few days I’ll do a recap of the year.

For now, though, I’m going to have a glass of wine with my mom – best roommate ever. I celebrate my birthday today but I always remember it’s Mother’s Day to her. 50 years ago we were in Meadow Lake, SK, and our adventure together was just beginning. I believe I hear the sound of wine being poured and we will be watching Thor tonight because it’s one of the many things we love to do together.

Happy birthday, to me!


Me and my mom, Norma Giles – love her to the moon and back!


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