50 Crazy Things in my 50th Year #48 – Take a selfie a day

I wanted a different way to document the year so I decided to take a selfie a day for the entire year. I’m happy to say I only missed 6 days because I was busy and forgot. I had a daily reminder set on my phone but most of the time I managed to get it done before the reminder went off. Most of the pictures here are in no particular order, but some I’ve pulled out for special mention.

I wanted to do this because I hate having my picture taken so I wanted to desensitize myself to it. That worked – by the end I really didn’t care how I looked and some of them definitely reflect that attitude. What I noticed, going through my selfie folder today was how much time I spend with certain people in my life. Jody is there at least once a week – she’s either running or skiing with me on Sundays and has done a bunch of my crazy things with me. Monica, Krista, and a few other people show up a lot too. I also noticed how often I really did forget – there are a lot of pajama shots because my alarm went off at 8pm every night. Also, I spent a lot of time bored and waiting in traffic lineups thanks to the bridge resurfacing that happened last year. That was often when I remembered to do the selfie. When I did something special or was with other people I tried to do a selfie that reflected what I was doing. A lot of them, though, are either driving or in pajamas.


The other things I noticed were that I, like probably everyone else, have days where I think I look awesome and days when I just cringe. They’re all valid and don’t really say anything about me at all. There were a lot of days when I made dorky faces. One night I didn’t remember until 11pm and reached over to my night table, held my phone up and snapped it while I was half asleep. I started to care less and less about my image and started to see joy in the images that weren’t ‘perfect’. This was a great thing for me to do on so many levels and I’m really glad I did it. I’m only including a few here but there really are 359 in that folder!

Why was this crazy?

It was a project that took a whole year and I had to be persistent and disciplined. It was actually harder than it seems and there was more than one day when I was inwardly grumbling about it.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I might just keep doing it. I like the idea of documenting the time.


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