50 Crazy Things in my 50th Year #43 – Ladies’ Choice

So, a couple of my crazy things were (are) very weather dependent and the odds of me being able to complete them before my birthday are very slim. I’ll still do them, just later. Thus I needed a couple of backups. In a moment of insanity, and these three women bring out my insanity in ways I can’t even describe in print, I said to my very good friends Jody, Krista and Monica… hey, this would be crazy… how about you guys pick something I have to do. Now, if you recall, I may have some control issues so letting go of control is a bit of a big deal. They were thrilled. They level of their thrill actually made me panic a bit, making this thing even crazier. These women have done a lot of my crazy things with me this year and I doubt we’ve even scratched the surface of what is crazy for them.

You want me to what????

They agreed on something and told me about it when we were at the IHOP in Kelowna before we went into the Escape Room at Exit Canada. Their idea… Karaoke! Brilliant. I sing in public a lot for children and their parents, I’ve been in choirs, and I don’t have much trouble singing in front of people but I’ve never tried Karaoke. This will be awesome! Me and my freaking big mouth! Once they heard my experience with singing their faces dropped. Then Jody’s voice cut through the crowd and my jaw hit the table. Jody said, “We should make her get her nose pierced!” Then Krista said, “I have a gift certificate for Instinct Adornment – we could do it together!” And Jody and Monica said, “And we would come to document it!” I swear I couldn’t breathe. Getting my nose pierced has NEVER been on my radar. I’m sure this state of shock affected my performance in the escape room!

After a few days I started to come around to the idea. When I told a few friends what I was going to do they universally approved, saying I had the perfect nose for it.

So, Monica made the appointments for the following Saturday, February 20th. We showed up and Krista and I had to pick out the jewels we were going to stick through the cartilage in our noses. Once Jody saw the bling she couldn’t resist. And then Monica, who wanted to do it but planned to do it after her next tattoo, couldn’t be the only one who wasn’t doing it. All four of us did it and created some chaos and pandemonium at the store. We do have a lot of energy when we’re together.

Theo and Jenna own the store and they are awesome. Theo even waxed his moustache when he found out I was going to blog about it. Jenna, though, wore a surgical mask the whole time. Not sure if I totally trust someone I couldn’t pick out of a police lineup. She rocks the photobomb though, so that makes up for it.

Monica and I both chose blue sapphires. Jody got a sparkly white one and Krista got a star. I was the first to go. Apparently, this was a bad idea. Theo was sitting in front of me, his hands in my face and his gloved thumb stuck up my nose. I was expecting him to say something like “Ok, I’m going to count to three…” but oh no! He jammed it through my nose when I least expected it. I was holding someone’s hand (not sure who?) and I may have screamed. It hurt like bloody hell! Theo says I have thick cartilage in my nose which may have made it hurt more. I felt electricity going down my arm and I was catching my breath. I was sure he shoved a sharp telephone pole through my face so I was surprised to see this tiny blue piece of crystal sticking out of the crease in my nose. It looked kind of cute. The shock only lasted a few minutes but it was long enough to freak out the rest of the girls. It turns out they don’t have thick cartilage and didn’t even feel it. Jody was practically beaming the whole time. I only wanted to kick her a little bit. I may have been called a weenie for my reaction. I told them it hurt way more than my tattoo did.


J0dy – such a good friend, always there to document my torture and hold my hand!

And to answer the question I always had, it doesn’t have a butterfly piece on the inside like a stud for an ear does. The post is bent 90 degrees. It’s been two days and I’ve blown my nose and it wasn’t any more gross than normal. I haven’t had a cold, though. Krista got one so maybe I’ll wait for her report.

True to us, we had to go out for food after and ended up at Swiss Pastries. Sugar helped calm my pain. I’m sure that’s what the cure was. My nose piercing was my birthday gift from these wonderful ladies and I have to admit I’m thrilled. I think it looks awesome and so do theirs. It was so great to do another crazy thing together. Looking forward to more in the future, although maybe not quite so tightly scheduled!


It’s really all about the food!

Why was this crazy?

Oh come on! What part of it wasn’t crazy??

Would I do it again?

No, I think I’ve gotten all the extra holes I need now.


With Theo and Jenna (masked)

2 thoughts on “50 Crazy Things in my 50th Year #43 – Ladies’ Choice

  1. Loved reading about your nose piercing adventure with your friends. This reminded me of when I was having a Midlife Crisis at 40 or maybe I should say how Facebook made me (us) get our noses pierced too!

    In college, I loved the way noses looked pierced with those itty bitty sparkles. I really, really wanted mine done but my parents, jobs and marriage put my dreams on hold. Fast forward when I turned 40. I began some major reflecting on where I’ve been, where I am and where I wanted to be. The nose piercing conversation has been rattling around my brain for many years.

    After my birthday, I decided it was time for a different talk. I knew I wasn’t the nose ring person, but did think I’d look cute with a teeny, tiny, little diamond in my nose. I kept having this recurring dream. Not exactly a dream, but just a sort of, “I think that looks so pretty, I think I’d like to do it” type of thing. When I mentioned something about it on Facebook, I was shocked when I had 3 other friends admit they’d always wanted one too. So, we planned it and it happened! Well, one of us couldn’t make it, but the rest of us were off to the tattoo parlor to do it. Yep, all 3 of us ‘socccer moms’ have always wanted to do it.

    We walked in, after a short wait, we told Jill we all wanted our noses pierced. She looked around and said, “…don’t you want to wait for the camera crew?” We all laughed. Jill took us into her studio where we would all eventually emerge with shiny (and maybe a bit bloody) gemstones in our noses. Missy and I was the first victims, and just as Jill promised, it was less painful than any other piercing I’ve had (two in the earlobe and twice in my cartilage). Susie followed with no tears shed, but more than our fair share of giggles.

    We all still talk about having our noses pierced and the experience being the best GNO ever! We had a few pictures of the event or “piercing party for minivan driving moms.” Let’s just say I didn’t look exactly glamorous getting my nose pierced and ditto for each of my friends. okay? It didn’t hurt that bad and I really do love it. When I came home unannounced to my husband, he “…ask me what I think.” Admittedly, I was bit worried he was about give me 10 reasons why a minivan driving soccer mom with two girls shouldn’t have her nose pierced. To my amazement, he said, “…well I really like T-I-N-Y nose studs on women.” (note his emphasis on TINY) Box checked. The funny thing is that he rarely expresses opinions about what I do as far as my appearance goes (“…you look nice whatever you wear, Sweetie!” is usually his attitude). So, when he approved, I was thrilled with my spontaneous decision that I finally got MY nose pierced.

    I was fearing ridicule when I returned to my normal group of soccer mom friends. To my amazement, , there was almost a mutiny with my GF’s expressing terrible “nose ring envy.” Huh? They all wanted to know why I hadn’t invited them to get their noses pierced too! What did my soccer moms want to know first? Not if it hurt, but doesn’t it bother you when you blow your nose?

    What lesson did I learn? That’s the beauty of waiting until you are in your 40’s to do something like this. You know what you want and you don’t care about being judged for it. Now I’ve gotten my nose pierced, I keep it in forever, when I’m old and my hair turns white, I won’t say…why didn’t I ever do that? Why was I so worried about what other people were going to think? And that makes it worth it.

    You girls rock with your cute little noses pierced 🙂




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