50 Crazy Things in my 50th Year #19 – Drive home in my pajamas

OK, this didn’t start out as one of my crazy things. It was, however, pretty out there for me and definitely qualified!


This is how I started my day – reasonably well dressed library branch head!

Nicole Hampton-Montgomery and I have co-lead the Parent Child Mother Goose program in Logan Lake for five or so years. We love it and we love singing and rhyming with all the little ones (age 0-5) and their parents. Each Mother Goose session runs once a week for eight weeks. On the last night of each session, and sometimes on random nights, we will have pajama night and everyone, parents, kids, and Nicole and I all wear our pajamas. It’s a lot of fun and they like seeing us dressed funny.

mother goose feet

Pajama night at Mother Goose – not showing faces for privacy reasons and also we just like feet pictures for some reason. Those are my Santa socks up near the top.

Now, Nicole and I have matching pajamas because she was lucky enough to find them at the Walmart in Merritt. She texted to see if I wanted a pair and I said, Hell ya! Who wouldn’t want a pair of blue flannels with Olaf from Frozen on them??? Duh!


Later, Nicole and I in our matching Olaf pajamas. She hadn’t yet thrown down her evil dare.

I always come directly in my dress clothes from work and change when I get to the high school where we hold the program. Usually, I change back in to my dress clothes to do the 45 minute drive home….. usually!

On December 2nd, Nicole, one of my best friends, threw down a serious dare. I went to go change after everyone had left and she, in a most horrible and evil way, said “I dare you to drive home in that!” It was just like that, she threw down a serious dare and there was no way I could get out of it. “Come on, Crazy girl, show us what you’ve got.” She just stood there grinning, taunting me.

In reality she wanted to leave and didn’t want to wait for me to change, but when a dare is thrown down it’s a big deal. I had to do it.

The dress boots – the only shoes I had besides the Santa Claus socks I wore that night to complete my ensemble, made the outfit.

I reluctantly agreed. I don’t wear my pajamas out in the real world. I’ll wear a lot of other embarrassing things but I cringe if I have to run out to the car because I forgot something and I’m in my pajamas. Apparently, though, according to a visual survey at Walmart – for most people it’s not that big of a deal!


How I drove home that night, pretty much convinced for the entire 45 minutes that I was about to be arrested for multiple fashion violations.

So, dreading it, I got in the car and started the drive home. I was a bit paranoid… what if I had a tail light out? I renewed my insurance… didn’t I? What if I’m in an accident?

I’m pretty sure I was the most cautious driver on the road that night, particularly given the fact that I know some of the Logan Lake RCMP officers and getting pulled over by one of them would only make the situation worse… much worse!

On that note, my drove home at about 7:30 on Wednesday nights is usually pretty quiet. I see some traffic going to the mine, and some skiers once I hit Stake Lake. On that night, however, I saw a record number of emergency vehicles with their lights on. It was unbelievable! Police, ambulances, all over the place!

When I finally got home (slower than usual) and my mom greeted me at the door she was visibly surprised. “It was a dare,” I told her, without waiting for her to comment. “I blame Nicole!”

Why was this crazy?
Not sure but for some reason, my pajamas are meant for lounging at home or singing The Wheels on the Bus at Mother Goose! This was just wrong!

Would I do it again?
Not if I can help it!

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