50 Crazy Things #42 – Dress this Fairy!

My quest to do 50 Crazy Things in My 50th Year, starting intink2 February 2015, is already making me feel a little anxious, and excited at the same time. My reason for doing this, besides hitting a birthday I’m dreading head on, is to get out of a funk and get over some fears or limitations that stop me from completely enjoying life. I still need about 5 things to make my list complete but rest assured I will be jumping off things, putting myself in uncomfortable situations, and doing some things I’ve always wanted to do (and some I’ve always wanted to NEVER do!). I’ll be blogging and writing about it all along the way. Today I want to invite all my friends and family to help me with Crazy Things # 8, #49 and #42 (it’s a spreadsheet in random order): #8Run half marathons on both coasts within the calendar year. I’ll be doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February in Florida, and the Disney Tinker Bell Half Marathon in California in May on Mother’s Day. #49 – Run a 10K on one day and a half marathon on the next – these back to back running challenges scare the crap out of me! At the Disney Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend this is called the Pixie Dust Challenge. I’ll be running a 10K on Saturday morning and a half marathon on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon I expect to be unable to walk! For the 10K I’ve decided to dress as a Lemonade Fairy in honour of the charity I’ll be fundraising for. #42 (really scary) – I want to raise A LOT of money for a charity. I HATE fundraising, or asking others for help. I love helping others but asking is a different story. So here I am… asking for help for a great cause!      Check out the document I’ve attached to this page. You can help choose my costume for the Disney Tinker Bell Half Marathon. Without funding I will just wear regular running clothes. With your support (or malicious intent) I could be running in a tutu, wings, foreign fairy things on my feet, head, face, etc. For extra torture I could even be running in head to toe pink. I NEVER wear pink… EVER!!!!! This is your opportunity to watch me suffer. Such a deal! You’ll find more information on Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an awesome charity that raises funds for childhood cancer research in the document I’ve attached to this post. Of all the charities that were available to me for the run I wanted to make sure that my people, my community, could benefit from my fundraising efforts. Research organizations in Canada and the US are eligible to apply for funding through this organization – that was extremely important for me.

 Click here to see how you cantinkerbell 2

help / torture me:  Dress the Fairy 343

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